§ 110.32  SCHEDULE A.
   (A)   (1)   Saddle-horse stables, leasing or letting saddle horses and their accoutrements, for hire or reward, for each such saddle-horse: $5 per year, or any part thereof, but not exceeding $50 per stable per year.
      (2)   Restaurant, tea-room, eating house, boarding house, where the same is conducted for a period of six months, or less, during a license year: $50 per year, or any part thereof.
      (3)   Fruit stand or store, vegetable stand or store, or both fruit and vegetable stand or store combined, the buying and selling of fruit, vegetables or other farm products, per year, or any part thereof: the sum of $50.
      (4)   Theater, moving picture house, show-house or other place of amusement operated for gain or reward: $0.30 per year, or any part thereof, for each seat in such place to the extent of the full seating capacity of the house or theater; provided that, this provision shall not apply to a circus, menagerie or other places of amusement mentioned in Schedule B in § 110.33 of this chapter.
      (5)   Any transient, itinerant or traveling photographer, or other person or persons, who shall solicit for the making of any kind of post cards, or other photographs, or solicit for the enlargement of photographs or pictures, either with or without frames, whether the same is done from house to house, or from an established place of business, within the city: the sum of $10 per day.
      (6)   Transient traders, defined as any person engaged in any temporary or transient business, at wholesale or retail, or both wholesale and retail, in the sale of goods, wares and merchandise, not otherwise specifically mentioned and designated in this subchapter, and who for the purpose of such business, uses or occupies any store, building, automobile, car, boat, stand or room (including rooms in hotels or other buildings), for the exhibition or keeping of such goods, wares and merchandise for sale shall pay to the city as follows, to wit: where the value of such stock does not exceed $3,000 in value, the sum of $100 per year or any part thereof; and, where the value of such stock shall exceed $3,000 in value, the sum of $100, plus the sum of $25 for each additional $1,000 of value thereof, or any part thereof, in excess of said $3,000 of value, per year, or any part thereof.
   (B)   Any person engaged in business as a transient trader who has conducted such business in said city during any part of the next preceding calendar and has caused the personal property used in the conduct of such business to be assessed for taxation upon the tax roll of said city for the current calendar year, under a separate description from other taxable personal property owned by him or her, shall not be required to pay any fee or obtain any license for the said business for said year.
(Prior Code, § 7.33)