(A)   Building size and building amenities for a commercial activity, which is allowed on airport property, are stipulated in the minimum standards. The city shall own all buildings or structures constructed or placed on airport property. A person may construct a building or structure on airport property with permission of the city and as provided in this chapter; provided, however, the city shall own the building or structure upon the completion of its construction.
   (B)   In addition, the following shall apply to all buildings or structures on airport property.
      (1)   The use of all buildings and property on the airport shall be subject to a lease between the user of the building or building amenities and the city. The lease shall stipulate the allowable uses, require compliance with the airport’s minimum standards and contain such other terms and conditions as the parties shall agree. The lease shall be approved by the City Manager and approved as to form by the City Attorney.
      (2)   Except as provided herein, the use of private hangars on the airport shall be limited to storage of aircraft and/or aircraft parts, or other aeronautical purposes as approved by the City Manager. Storage of other personal property may be approved by the written consent of the Airport Manager or City Manager. In its sole discretion, the city may require the lessee to provide additional taxiways and/or ramp space in front of or adjacent to a private hangar.
   (C)   Authorization to construct a building on the airport may be issued after:
      (1)   Detailed building plans and a written plan outlining the intended use of any associated structure or building have been approved by the Airport Manager and all such plans shall comply with the Minimum Standards and generally accepted design and construction practices;
      (2)   Execution of a written lease agreement between the proposed lessee and the city;
      (3)   Compliance with the city’s schedule of insurances;
      (4)   Payment of appropriate fees pursuant to the schedule of rates and charges; and
      (5)   Issuance of building permits when so required by the county.
   (D)   The construction of any building or structure shall:
      (1)   Comply with all applicable ordinances of the city if such ordinances are intended to apply to the airport property;
      (2)   Be located according to the airport’s development plan and approved by the City Manager;
      (3)   Comply with rules for the construction of buildings or structures at the Airport which have been prepared by the City Manager; and
      (4)   Be inspected and approved by the county’s Building Inspector and Airport Manager with respect to applicable building codes and to ensure that the building complies with the airport’s rules and plans for the building which were approved by the city.
   (E)   Alterations or additions to existing structures, whether internal or external, will be considered the same as new construction and, in addition, shall be owned by the city.
   (F)   All improvements to the property, such as utilities, approaches, paving, drain tiling and fill dirt will be provided at the lessee’s expense.
(Prior Code, § 2.194)  (Ord. 755, passed 2-20-2012)  Penalty, see § 95.99