§ 95.09  HEARING.
   If a hearing is held before the City Council, the licensee shall be given an opportunity to confront adverse witnesses and present evidence and legal arguments to the City Council, and may be represented by an attorney. Following the hearing, the City Council shall decide whether any portion of this chapter has been or is being violated. If the City Council finds that any portion of this chapter or any other provision of the city code has been or is being violated, then the City Council shall decide whether the license should be suspended or revoked by evaluating the severity of the violation, whether more than one violation has been established, whether the licensee ignored warnings that a violation was occurring, the time period that the violation or violations were in existence and whether there have been prior violations. The City Council’s decision shall be based on substantial, material and competent evidence. The decision shall be in writing and shall specify the factual evidence upon which the decision is based. A copy of the City Council’s written decision shall be given to the licensee once it is approved by the City Council.
(Prior Code, § 2.189)  (Ord. 755, passed 2-20-2012)