The City Council shall, from time to time, establish by resolution the amount to be paid for cemetery burial plots. This amount shall include a sufficient sum to provide for perpetual care of the plots so sold. The city may accept sums donated by any testator, trustee or other person for the care of the cemetery or any plots therein. The city shall be obligated to maintain and care for all plots in the cemetery for which perpetual care has been paid, except as otherwise provided by the statutes of the state. Any interest money available in any perpetual care fund or other cemetery fund belonging to the city shall be used for such cemetery purposes as the City Council shall determine. If there is a transfer of a deed for which a perpetual care charge has not been paid, then before recording the transfer of any such deed, the city shall collect a new charge for perpetual care.
(Prior Code, § 3.57)  (Ord. 647, passed 11-16-1998)