§ 93.04  SALE OF PLOTS.
   (A)   All deeds for burial plots shall be executed on behalf of the city by the City Clerk. Residents of the city shall be entitled to purchase a burial plot in any city cemetery according to the fee schedule applicable to residents. Non-residents of the city shall also be entitled to purchase a burial plot in any city cemetery according to the fee schedule applicable to non-residents. Prior to purchasing a burial plot, a person seeking such purchase or an authorized agent of the purchaser shall complete a questionnaire/application provided by the city concerning the applicant’s residency and shall submit the completed application to the City Clerk, Sexton or their designated representative. The same may investigate the accuracy or completeness of the application. If the City Clerk concludes that the applicant is not a resident, then the City Clerk shall provide the applicant with written reasons upon which the decision was based. An incomplete application may be a basis for denial of residency. If the applicant is dissatisfied with the decision rendered by the City Clerk, the applicant shall ten days from the date the written notice was mailed or personally delivered to the applicant to file a written request with the City Manager requesting a review of the City Clerk’s decision. The applicant shall include in the request for review all facts upon which the applicant relies to establish residency. The City Manager shall investigate the application and render a written decision and shall mail a decision to the applicant at an address provided by the applicant or may personally deliver the decision to the applicant. The decision of the City Manager shall be final. An applicant’s failure to comply with the foregoing time limitations shall constitute a waiver of any right to a review of the City Clerk’s decision.
   (B)   Upon the purchase of any burial plot, the City Clerk shall prepare and deliver to the purchaser a duly executed deed for said burial plot. Such deed shall convey to the purchaser the right of burial only, and shall be subject to the provisions of this code, and such ordinances, rules and regulations as may hereafter be adopted by the city.
(Prior Code, § 3.54)  (Ord. 647, passed 11-16-1998)