Publisher's Note:This Section has been AMENDED by new legislation (Ord. Charter, adopted 11-2-2021). The text of the amendment will be incorporated below when the ordinance is codified.
   The Council shall effect the development of, and the periodic updating of, such management guidelines as may be deemed appropriate for the proper exercise of its authority over and discharge of its responsibility for all municipal operations.  Such management guidelines are to include  but are not to be limited to  organization charts with lines of authority and responsibility, job descriptions and qualifications, procedures, reporting, and personnel rules.  These shall be sufficiently detailed to serve adequately as parameters for daily operations  but not so tightly drawn as to stifle initiative or impose inflexibility.
   The Council may call upon the experience of city officials and employees, and of the City Manager, in developing and subsequently updating such guidelines.
   The agenda for the first meeting in January of each year shall call for the setting of an early date for Council review of all such management guidelines, as a fitting introduction of new Council members to the inner workings of the City  for which they now share the ultimate responsibility.