If there is not compliance with the provisions of §§ 91.60 and 91.61 of this chapter, the City Manager shall notify the occupant or owner of such premises to comply with the provisions of said sections within ten days after service of such notice. Notice shall be given in accordance with§ 10.11 of this code. If there is no compliance with such notice within the specified time, the City Manager shall cause such weeds, grass and other vegetation to be removed or destroyed and the actual cost of such cutting, removal or destruction including supervision and overhead costs shall be a lien against the premises and collected in the manner prescribed in Public Act 359 of 1941, being M.C.L.A. §§ 247.61 to 247.72, as amended. The City Manager shall be Commissioner of Noxious Weeds of the city and shall serve as such without additional compensation.
(Prior Code, § 6.73)  (Ord. 630, passed 12-4-1995; Ord. 767, passed 9-15-2014)