The office of any Council member shall become vacant upon the occurrence of one or more of the following events:
   a.   Any reason specified by law as creating a vacancy.
   b.   The Council members' death.
   c.   The Council member's resignation tendered to the Council at a regular meeting and accepted by the Council.
   d.   The Council member's termination of residency in the ward from which elected, or lack at any time during the term for which elected of any qualification for the office as prescribed by this Charter or by law.
   e.   The Council member's absence from five (5) consecutive regular meetings of the Council, or fifty percent (50%) of the regular meetings in any one (1) calendar year, unless the absences are excused and the reasons entered in the proceedings of the Council.
   f.   The conviction of the Council member of any felony in any court of any State of the United States, or in any Federal court.