(A)   Installment payments; acceleration. If installment payments have been authorized pursuant to § 50.09 of this chapter and a default in the installment payment agreement occurs, then the city, in its discretion, may elect to accelerate the unpaid connection fees. Notice of the acceleration shall be sent by first-class mail to the address shown on city tax rolls.
   (B)   Installment payments; foreclosure by advertisement. If the city elects to foreclose on a lien for which installment payments have been accelerated, then the procedure for foreclosure by advertisement as described in M.C.L.A. §§ 600.3201 through 600.3280, as currently amended or later amended, shall be used, except as follows.
      (1)   Any reference to a “sheriff” shall mean the City’s Police Chief or the designee of the Police Chief.
      (2)   Any reference to a “mortgage” shall mean the lien described in this section. The term “mortgagor” shall mean the owner of the land which is subject to the lien at the time the lien came into existence as provided in § 50.08 of this chapter and the term “mortgagee” shall mean the city.
      (3)   All lands subject to the lien shall be treated as one parcel and may be sold as one parcel.
      (4)   If the city elects to commence foreclosure, then the sum of $700 shall be added to the amount owing for unpaid connection fees and unpaid interest. This amount shall be deemed to reimburse the city for staff time, attorney fees and other expenses not otherwise reimbursed to the city under the foreclosure by advertisement statute.
   (C)   Liens not involving installment payments. The city may enforce liens which do not involve installment payments by using the general laws of the state which provide for the enforcement of tax liens.
   (D)   Alternate remedy. As an alternative to the procedures provided in divisions (B) or (C) above, the city may elect to treat the lien as a debt and may commence legal action against the proper parties to collect such debt.
(Prior Code, § 2.143)  (Ord. 621, passed 3-20-1995)