(A)   The City Manager is authorized to draft policies, procedures, and other documents necessary to enforce provisions of this chapter. To the extent deemed necessary, statements from this chapter may be appended to contracts with outside vendors and contractors. The City Manager may also revise the city's Personnel Policy as needed to reflect this chapter.
   (B)   Upon approval of this chapter and upon assuming office, the Mayor, Council Members, board, committee, and commission members, the City Manager and employees the City Manager may designate from time to time shall affirm their commitment to ethical conduct and this chapter by signing the form below:
      As a _____ of the City of Charlevoix, I agree to uphold the Ethical Conduct Ordinance of the City of Charlevoix and conduct myself by the following model of excellence. I will:

      •   Recognize the worth of all individuals and appreciate their individual talents, perspectives, and contributions;
      •   Help create an atmosphere of respect and civility where individual members, city staff, and the public are free to express their ideas and work to their full potential;
      •   Respect the dignity and privacy of individuals and organizations;
      •   Respect and maintain the nature of confidential and privileged information and opinions acquired as a result of my position;
      •   Conduct my public affairs with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect for others;
      •   Avoid and discourage conduct that is divisive or harmful to the best interests of Charlevoix; and
      •   Keep the common good as my highest purpose and focus on achieving constructive solutions for the public benefit.

      I affirm that I have read and fully understand the Code of Ethics for the City of Charlevoix.
      _______________________      ___________
      Signed               Dated
(Ord. 793 of 2018, passed 6-18-2018)