(A)   Master plan.
      (1)   The Planning Commission shall make and approve a master plan as a guide for development within its planning jurisdiction. The planning jurisdiction includes areas within the city and may also include any areas outside of the city that, in the judgment of the Commission, are related to planning for the city.
      (2)   In preparation of the master plan, the Planning Commission shall do all of the following, as applicable:
         (a)   Make careful and comprehensive surveys and studies of present conditions and future growth within the planning jurisdiction with due regard to its relation to neighboring jurisdictions;
         (b)   Consult with representatives of adjacent local units of government in respect to their planning so that conflicts in master plans and zoning may be avoided; and
         (c)   Cooperate with all departments of the state and federal governments and other public agencies concerned with programs for economic, social and physical development within the planning jurisdiction and seek the maximum coordination of the local unit of government’s programs with these agencies.
      (3)   The master plan shall address land use and infrastructure issues. The plan shall include maps, plats, charts and show the Commission recommendations for the physical development of the city. The master plan shall also include information pertinent to the future development of the planning jurisdiction as detailed in Public Act 33 of 2008, being M.C.L.A. § 125.3833(2).
      (4)   Preparation and adoption of and amendments to the master plan shall follow the procedures established in Public Act 33 of 2008, being M.C.L.A. §§ 125.3839 through 125.3845.
   (B)   Records.
      (1)   The Planning Commission shall adopt bylaws for the transaction of business and shall keep a public record of its resolutions, transactions, findings and determinations.
      (2)   The Planning Commission shall make an annual report to City Council concerning its operations and the status of planning activities, including recommendations regarding actions by the City Council related to planning and development.
   (C)   Capital improvements program. Upon adoption of the master plan, the Planning Commission shall annually prepare a capital improvements program (CIP) of public structures and improvements, with the assistance of staff. The CIP shall show those public structures and improvements, in the general order of their priority for the ensuing six-year period, based upon the requirements of the local unit of government for all types of public structures and improvements.
   (D)   Review of plats. Upon adoption of the master plan, the Planning Commission shall review and make recommendations on plats, after publishing and holding a public hearing.
(Prior Code, § 1.405)