(a)    The developer may rechannel any existing drainage way through his property, in order to  contain the water flow within a lesser width or in order to relocate the course of drainage upon said property, subject to the approval of the Municipal Approving Authority for the project.
   (b)    If the rechannelling involves relocating the existing drainage way upon the subject property then the existing drainage way's points of entry to, and exit from, the property shall not be changed. The former drainage way course shall be rendered free of hazards and attractive nuisances in a manner acceptable to the Approving Authority.
   (c)   The Approving Authority shall require, as conditions of approval for the project, that the developer shall conform to the requirements of this regulation; shall clear said drainage ways of all debris; and shall provide for the maintenance thereof in a manner acceptable to the Approving Authority. The developer's  proposed means of conforming with said conditions shall be in writing and shall be included in the project Construction Documents submittal.
(Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)