(a)       General.  Development projects shall be planned to take advantage of the topography in order to utilize the natural surface drainage, to economize in the construction of sewers, to reduce the amount of grading  and to minimize the destruction of trees and topsoil.
   (b)   Topography and Streets.  When the development contains multiple lots and/or building sites it shall be planned and designed so that as many lots and building sites as possible will be above the street grade.
   (c)   Drainage. Development projects shall be designed to take every advantage of natural grades so that the land can be satisfactorily drained without excessive grading.
   (d)   Natural Features. Trees, topsoil and other natural resources shall be preserved and utilized in the development project. In areas subject to earth moving activity the topsoil shall be stripped, stockpiled separately, and used in the finish grading and landscaping of the development project.  As many existing trees as can be reasonably utilized in the final development plan shall be retained. No material change in grade shall be made within the diameter of the tree crown. When practical, existing trees shall be transplanted from areas subject to earth moving activity to locations within the development where they can be utilized.
(Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)