(a)   Purpose.  This section adopts standards for the City Architect and the Planning Commission to apply when reviewing a development plan for consistency with the City of Chardon Comprehensive Plan. 
   (b)   Design Standards.  The design standards adopted herein apply to the exterior appearance and design of all construction and building renovations in the Industrial District after the effective date of the Code and amendments thereto.  (See Section 1111.307, Minor Construction Approval).
      (1)   Blank walls, without openings such as windows or doors with windows, are not permitted on a building facade facing directly, or oriented a minimum of 45 degrees or less, toward a public street. 
      (2)   At least 90 percent of the exterior finish material on a facade that faces or is oriented a minimum of 45 degrees unless toward a public street or public parking area shall be  glass, brick, cut stone, cast stone, or wood. 
         (Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)