An outdoor activity listed in Schedule 1141.03 (Use Regulations)shall be permitted only when associated with a principal use and the outdoor activity complies with the following:
   (a)   Regulation Of Type Of Storage:
      (1)   Storage of radioactive, toxic or otherwise hazardous materials is prohibited.
      (2)   The bulk storage of sand, gravel, salt and similar materials shall be permitted only when such material is contained to prevent spreading, 
   (b)   Location:
      (1)   An area devoted to outdoor operations or outdoor storage of goods, materials or products shall be located in a side or rear yard and a minimum of 20 feet from a side or rear lot line abutting a nonresidential district and 50 feet from a side or rear lot line  abutting a residential district. 
      (2)   The outdoor storage of fleet vehicles and equipment associated with the operation of the principal use shall be located in a side or rear yard and comply with the parking setbacks in Schedule 1141.11 (Minimum Parking Setbacks). 
      (3)   An outdoor activity area shall be depicted on a development plan and shall not obstruct or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic circulation routes, parking areas or pedestrian access.
      (4)   Material shall be stored in a manner as to be accessible to fire fighting equipment at all times.
   (c)   Signs.  A sign permitted in conjunction with outdoor activity areas shall comply with the sign regulations in Chapter 1129.
   (d)   Surfacing:  An area devoted to outdoor storage of materials, fleet vehicles and equipment shall be paved with asphalt or concrete, and maintained free from dust.  The Planning Commission may grant a variance from the paving requirement if the applicant demonstrates that dust will be adequately controlled and the storage area will have little vehicular traffic.
   (e)   Screening.  An outdoor activity area shall be enclosed with a wall or fence with one or more gates and be screened in compliance with Chapter 1159 (Landscaping and Land Use Buffers) and Section 1141.15(c) (Fence and Walls).
      (Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)