A permitted use of land, building or  structure shall be located on a lot in a manner that  complies with the required, minimum building setbacks Section in Schedule 1141.05, except as otherwise regulated in Chapter 1145 (Conditional and P* Use Regulations).  The area within each required setback shall remain unobstructed by structures unless otherwise permitted in the Code.
   (a)   Setback from Street Right-of-way.  A lot shall maintain the minimum building setback measured from the street right-of-way.  A corner lot shall comply with the setback for each lot line adjacent to a street right-of-way.
   (b)   Setback of Building on Non-Dedicated Street.  A building shall be setback at least seventy (70) feet from the centerline of a non-dedicated street.
   (c)   Schedule 1141.07:  Building Setback Requirements.
Minimum Building Setbacks
Industrial District
(1)     Minimum building setback
   A.     Minimum Setback from Street ROW
40 feet
   B.     Setback from Side and Rear Lot lines abutting nonresidential zoning district
20 feet
   C.     Setback from Side and Rear Lot lines abutting residential zoning district
40 feet
(2)     Minimum building setback for lot fronting on new street in industrial subdivision
   A.     Front setback
25 feet
   B.     Side and Rear setbacks
      i.     Adjacent to nonresidential zoning district
10 feet
      ii.     Adjacent to residential zoning district
40 feet
(Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)