1141.01  PURPOSE.
   (a)   The Industrial District (I) provides areas suitable for the location of permitted industrial activities, primarily manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication in nature. An industrial use shall comply with the Performance Standards in Section 1141.17.  Accessory retail and service uses to serve the adjacent Industrial District uses are also permitted.  Accessibility to regional transportation facilities and public utilities are an essential requirement in the Industrial District.
   (b)   The Industrial District facilitates the development of office and industrial parks by including reduced standards for lots that are part of a coordinated development and which have access to a new internal street  General industrial use with architecturally attractive structures surrounded by landscaped yards are encouraged. Such development may be near other land uses, including residential, but are best located at the periphery of industrial areas and separated by identifiable physical boundaries or by landscaped buffer zones. 
   (c)   The regulations in this Chapter are adopted to achieve the following additional purposes:
      (1)   To promote the most desirable and beneficial use of the land and structures consistent with the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan;
      (2)   To provide an area of sufficient size where research, manufacturing processes, and distribution activities may be located, thereby promoting employment and strengthening the economy of the community;
      (3)   To improve the manufacturing environment by making land more readily available for industry by discouraging unrelated and incompatible uses in the Industrial District;  and,
      (4)   To protect adjacent residential districts by limiting adjacent manufacturing uses to those activities which do not create objectionable noise, odors, or visible effects beyond the District boundaries and which will be properly buffered and screened;
         (Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)