(a)   The lawful use of a dwelling, building or structure and of land or premises which is existing and lawful on the effective date of the Code, or any amendments thereto, may be continued although such use does not conform to the Code.
   (b)   The completion, restoration, reconstruction, extension or substitution of a nonconforming use shall be subject to the requirements and conditions set forth in this Chapter. 
   (c)   This Chapter shall apply to a building, structure, land or other use which becomes nonconforming as a result of amendment to the Planning and Zoning Code or the Official District Zoning Map.
   (d)   A lot, use, building or structure which does not comply with a zoning requirement and for which a variance has been granted is not non-conforming.
   (e)   Routine maintenance, repair, or replacement of non-bearing walls, fixtures, wiring, or plumbing in a nonconforming structure or on any portion of a structure that contains a nonconforming use is permitted so long as the size of the nonconforming use is not increased. No structural parts shall be replaced except as required by law, and to restore such building or structure to a safe condition or to make the building or structure conform to the current regulations of the district in which it is located.
(Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)