1123.01  PURPOSE.
   The purpose of this Chapter is to recognize uses, buildings, lots, structures and accessory uses that lawfully existed when the Planning and Zoning Code and amendments thereto were enacted but which do not conform to one or more of the current regulations.  A nonconforming use is incompatible with the uses and zoning requirements of a zoning district.  Regulations in this Chapter for the continuance, maintenance, repair, restoration, moving and discontinuance of a nonconforming use, building or lot are enacted in order to achieve the following purposes:
   (a)   To allow but control a nonconforming use in order to minimize adverse effects thereof on the adjoining land and development;
   (b)   To allow a nonconforming use that is maintained and in a state of good repair;
   (c)   To prevent the reconstruction of a nonconforming building that is substantially destroyed;
   (d)   To prevent resumption of an abandoned nonconforming use.
   (e)   To establish regulations for the development of a nonconforming lot; and,
   (f)   To establish regulations for the use, restoration, reconstruction, and expansion of a non-conforming structure.
      (Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)