1101.15  ANNEXATION.
   (a)    The Clerk of Council shall notify the Community Development Administrator forthwith upon receipt of a certified transcript of annexation proceedings from the Board of County Commissioners and transmit a copy thereof to Secretary of the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission shall recommend the zoning classification prior to Council's adoption of an annexation ordinance.  Unless otherwise stated in the ordinance annexing lands to the City of Chardon, the zoning classification of territory annexed shall be zoned by Council as recommended by the Planning Commission.  See Chapter 1121 (Amendments). 
   (b)   If Council does not designate a zoning classification in the annexation ordinance, the territory annexed shall be classified as RC, Rural Conservation District.
   (c)   Annexation shall be subject to the provisions of the City of Chardon Charter Section 3.06(o). 
(Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11; Ord.  3040.  Passed 12-13-18.)