1101.05  PURPOSE.
   The Planning and Zoning Code establishes zoning districts and regulates and restricts the development and use of land in each district to promote conformance with the City's Comprehensive Plan, as amended; to protect the character and value of the City's residential, business, industrial, institutional and recreational areas; and the public health, safety, convenience, prosperity, and general welfare.  Specifically, the Planning and Zoning Code is intended to:
   (a)   Promote the orderly development of the City of Chardon in accordance with the City's land use policies.
   (b)   Establish land use districts of such classification and number which implement the City's Comprehensive Plan and the Planning and Zoning Code and which permit in each district the most appropriate uses of land to guide the future development of the City.
   (c)   Encourage compatibility between different land uses and protect existing development from the adverse impact of incompatible uses.
   (d)   Preserve structures with historical significance within the City
   (e)   Stabilize, preserve, and maintain property values and provide adequate light and air and open space to all residents of the City.
   (f)   Regulate and restrict the location, size, height, design, and land coverage of buildings.
   (g)   Preserve unique, natural features of land within the City.
   (h)   Regulate the size and dimensions of lots, yards, setbacks, and other open areas to require adequate open space for light and air.
   (i)   Regulate and limit the density of population.
   (j)   Promote efficient vehicular traffic circulation by regulating the location of buildings and uses adjacent to streets in order to reduce interference with traffic movement, minimize traffic  congestion and improve public safety.
   (k)   Administer, amend and enforce the Planning and Zoning Code.
   (l)   Promote, establish and preserve a reasonable balance of commercial and industrial activities within the City, consistent with the City's residential character;  the objectives and purposes stated herein; provide essential services, maintain and expand a strong economic and tax base: and protect the welfare of the residents.
   (m)   Guide the future development of the City in accordance with the Comprehensive Plan and reduce legal non-conforming land and building uses.
   (n)   Regulate the development of land to promote harmonious and stable neighborhoods and  subdivisions.
      (Ord. 2635.  Passed 1-13-11.)