TITLE ONE -    General Provisions
Chap. 101.   Codified Ordinances.
Chap. 103.   Official Standards.
Chap. 105.   Annexations.
Chap. 107.   General Standards of Ethical Conduct.
TITLE THREE -    Legislative
Chap. 111.   Council.
Chap. 113.   Ordinances and Resolutions.
Chap. 115.   Audit Committee.
TITLE FIVE -    Administrative
Chap. 121.   Administrative Organization.
Chap. 123.   Finance Director.
Chap. 125.   Law Director.
Chap. 127.   Manager.
Chap. 129.   Public Safety and Public Service Departments.
Chap. 131.   Police Department.
Chap. 133.   Fire Department.
Chap. 135.   Park and Recreation Board.
Chap. 137.   Personnel Rules and Regulations.
Chap. 139.   Personnel Board. (Repealed)
Chap. 141.   Civil Service System and Civil Service Commission.
Chap. 143.   Cemetery Board.
Chap. 145.   Shade Tree Commission.
Chap. 147.   City Engineer.
Chap. 149   Public Power Commission. (Repealed)
TITLE SEVEN -    Taxation
Chap. 151.   Income Tax.
Chap. 152. Income Tax Effective January 1, 2016.
Chap. 153.   Tax Incentive Review Council.
Chap. 155. Hotel Lodging Excise Tax.
TITLE NINE -    Judicial
Chap. 161.   Municipal Court.
   EDITOR'S NOTE: On April 29, 2001 the Village of Chardon became the City of Chardon. Any and all references to "village" have been changed to "city" throughout the Code of Ordinances.