(A) No alarm system shall be installed or maintained in the village by an alarm business other than a registered alarm business. Alarm businesses shall register with the Police Department and provide such information as is required for such regulation.
   (B)   Each alarm business which sells, leases or installs an emergency alarm system in the village shall furnish the alarm user with written instructions as to the way in which the system operates. He or she shall also provide initial training in the operation of the system and, upon request from the alarm user, shall provide refresher training. Each alarm business shall, upon request, exhibit to the Chief of Police for his or her review a copy of the instructions. If the Chief of Police or his or her designee finds that the instructions are incomplete, unclear or otherwise inadequate, he or she may require the alarm equipment supplier to have same revised.
   (C)   At the time of installation, each alarm business that sells, leases or maintains an alarm system in the village shall furnish to the alarm user written information as to how service can be obtained, including the telephone number to call for service, and the alarm user shall be responsible for having the alarm system repaired as quickly as possible after a malfunction is detected.
(Ord. 1643, passed 3-21-11)