(A)   If not redeemed within five days after notice of impoundment, the Village Dog Warden may deliver the unredeemed dog to:
      (1)   A licensed veterinarian to humanely dispatch the unredeemed dog;
      (2)   Any animal shelter or rescue shelter for the unredeemed dog to be adopted;
      (3)   Any responsible citizen, upon the payment of all reasonable costs for impoundment; or
      (4)   Otherwise dispose of by the pound as a stray animal or dog in accordance with law that exists or may hereafter exist.
   (B)   Any dog suspected of biting any person or suspected of having rabies shall not be redeemed for ten days after impoundment, or until it is confirmed the dog tests negative for rabies. If it shall be determined that such dog has rabies, it shall be destroyed.
   (C)   This chapter shall not prevent humane societies from engaging in activities set forth by their charters provided, however, they are not inconsistent with provisions of this chapter and other existing laws. Any person purchasing or adopting such animal or dog, with or without charge or donation, may also be required to pay for the rabies inoculation of such animal or dog and license fee, if applicable.
(Ord. 399, passed 9-9-85; Am. Ord. 1939, passed 7-16-18)