(A)   If charges for refuse services are not paid in full  within  45  calendar  days  from the date of  billing and/or if the refuse customer is in violation of any village ordinance relating to refuse services, the village refuse customer may be notified in writing of the village's intent to terminate refuse services prior to any such termination.
   (B)   The pre-termination notice required herein shall contain the following:
      (1)   The ordinance being violated, and how such violation can be corrected, if applicable;
      (2)   The number of days the account is in arrears;
      (3)   The balance due, including late charges as of the notice date;
      (4)   That the refuse customer may contact a representative of the village and request an informal hearing to resolve disputes as to the correctness of bills, arrearages and/or violations of ordinance prior to termination of services;
      (5)   The name, business address and telephone number of the village representative to contact to schedule such informal hearing;
      (6)   That unless the customer contacts the appropriate village representative in writing within ten days of receipt of the pre-termination notice requesting an informal hearing on the correctness of the refuse bill his or her refuse service shall be terminated; and
      (7)   The date on or after which termination will be effected.
   (C)   That an informal hearing shall be held, upon written request of the refuse customer, within ten days after written request is made to the Village President of his or her designee (sometimes herein collectively referred to as village representative).  The purpose of the informal hearing is to allow the refuse customer an opportunity to present information regarding the correctness of that customer’s refuse bill and/or matters with respect to other alleged violations.
   (D)   That if the village representative finds merit to the customer’s contentions regarding the correctness of the refuse bills and/or alleged violations no action shall be taken to terminate service and the customer’s bill shall be adjusted accordingly by the village  representative  with  such  adjusted bill  to  be paid by the refuse customer within seven days of receipt of the determination by the village representative.
   (E)   That if the village representative finds no merit to the customer’s contentions regarding the correctness of the refuse bills and/or violations, the decision shall be mailed to the refuse customer within ten days after the informal hearing and the refuse customer shall be informed in said notice that termination of service will be affected without further notice unless all refuse bills are paid in full and/or violations corrected within seven days after receipt of such determination without further notice.
   (F)   That if service is terminated as herein provided, no refuse service shall be reinstated until such time as all violations are corrected and/or all outstanding refuse bills are paid in full in addition to the payment of a $5 reinstatement fee.
   (G)   All refuse customers shall timely pay the undisputed portion of the refuse bill.
   (H)   For purposes of this section, any notice herein shall be given to the refuse customer in the account name and address indicated in the village refuse customer records.  Any notices required by this section may be given either by certified mail, return receipt requested, with sufficient postage prepaid, by personally delivering a copy to the utility customer, by attaching a copy to the front door of the refuse customer’s service address, or by United States first class mail. If village refuse customer records indicate a billing address different than the service address, then notification shall be made to both addresses.  For purposes of this section, notices transmitted through the United States mail shall be deemed received by the utility customer two days after mailing.
(Ord. 924, passed 12-16-96; Am. Ord. 1752, passed 10-21-13)