A.   Conditional Use Permit Required: For such uses listed under the various districts herein "uses permitted on review", their use is permitted subject to requiring a conditional use permit.
   B.   Procedure: The uses designated under various districts herein as "uses permitted on review" are so classified because they more intensely affect the area in which they are located than do other uses permitted in the district; however, the nature of such uses makes it desirable that they be permitted to locate therein. The following procedure is established to add conditional uses upon review with the other land uses located in the district. These uses shall be added or deleted and authorized or rejected under the following procedure:
      1.   An application shall be filed with the planning commission for adding or deleting a use permitted upon review. Such application shall show the location and intended use of the site, the names of all the property owners and existing land uses within three hundred feet (300'), limits of access or routes of entry between the public streets and the on site parking for the property, and any other material pertinent to the request that the planning commission may require.
      2.   The planning commission shall hold one or more public hearings thereon in conformity with state law.
      3.   The planning commission shall, within forty five (45) days of the date of application, transmit to the city council its report as to the effect of such proposed use upon the character of the neighborhood, traffic conditions, public utilities and other matters pertaining to the general welfare and the recommendation of the planning commission concerning the same. The city council may authorize or deny an amendment to the uses permitted only upon review of the planning commission's recommendation within the particular district. (Ord. 2007-06, 4-2-2007)