It shall be a violation of this title for any person to change or allow the change in the use of land or buildings or structures or to erect, alter, move or improve any building or structure until a building permit or certificate of occupancy has been obtained under the following conditions:
   A.   Building Permits: Whenever any structure or building is to be improved in an amount exceeding five hundred dollars ($500.00), or erected, moved, or structurally altered, a building permit shall be obtained from the code enforcement officer. The code enforcement officer may require every applicant for a building permit to furnish the following information:
      1.   A plot plan, drawn to scale, showing the exact size, shape, and dimensions of the lot to be built upon, the exact size and location on the lot of all existing buildings and structures, and the exact size and location on the lot of the structure or building proposed to be repaired, altered, erected or moved and the size, arrangement, number of parking stalls, movement of vehicles and ingress and egress drives for all off street parking and loading facilities.
      2.   A declaration of the existing and intended use of each existing and proposed building or structure on the lot and the number of families and housekeeping units which each existing building accommodates and which each existing and proposed building is designed to accommodate.
      3.   Additional information relating to the proposed improvement needed to determine compliance with this title.
      4.   A survey prepared by an engineer registered in the state of Oklahoma of the boundaries of the lot on which the improvement is proposed to be located.
   B.   Certificate Of Occupancy: Any change in the use of a building which requires a certificate of occupancy shall be made public by posting notice of such change on the affected property seven (7) days before the certificate is issued. Such posted notice shall be by a sign placed on the property affected by such proposed change in use, and the lettering thereon shall be of sufficient size as to be clearly visible and legible from the public street or street toward which it faces. It shall contain information giving the current use, the change in use, the zoning classification, the date the certificate of occupancy shall take effect and any other information as deemed necessary to provide adequate and timely notice. (Ord. 2007-06, 4-2-2007)