A.   Fence Enclosure Required: All outdoor swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by metal, wood or masonry fencing of not less than forty two inches (42") in height with no opening greater than four inches (4") in width, except for gateways and doorways.
   B.   Wall As Portion Of Fence: Any wall or portion of a single- family residence may constitute a portion or all of the above required enclosure. However, no part of any apartment, motel or other dwelling structure shall form a portion of the required enclosure unless there is no door or access from such structure forming a part of the enclosure.
   C.   Fence Maintenance: All fences enclosing swimming pools shall be maintained in a secure, safe and operating condition at all times.
   D.   Self-Closing Gate And Latch: Any gate or opening into an outdoor pool enclosure shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices and shall be closed and secured at all times, except that a doorway of a single-family residence need not be so equipped. (1985 Code § 5-107)