An entity licensed as a wastewater hauler by the town may discharge compatible pollutants and those incompatible pollutants within the limits of admissibility set out within the ordinances, rules and regulations of the town, to the wastewater treatment plant at a time and place and in such amounts as permitted by the town. Rates and charges for such discharges are set out in § 51.72.
   (A)   The town shall require septic tank waste haulers to be licensed as private wastewater haulers.
   (B)   Licensed private wastewater haulers may discharge loads only at locations designated by the town. No load may be discharged without prior consent of the town.
   (C)   All wastewater haulers shall provide a waste-tracking form for every load. This form shall include, at a minimum, the name and address of the wastewater hauler, permit number, truck identification, names and addresses of sources of waste, and volume and characteristics of waste.
(Ord. 2011-3, passed 6-20-2011) Penalty, see § 51.99