(A)   Except as hereinafter otherwise provided, the operation of vehicles originally designed for operation on a golf course, whether powered by battery, fuel engine or otherwise, and commonly referred to as GOLF CARTS, on town streets is and shall be prohibited, except insofar as such golf carts are registered, equipped, and operated in full compliance with this chapter.
   (B)   Only persons holding a valid motor vehicle driver's license may operate a golf cart within the town.
   (C)   Golf carts may only be operated on:
      (1)   Streets within the town on which the speed limit is 30 miles per hour or less; and
      (2)   Sidewalks along Lincoln Avenue to and from a residence or destination, and to and from the nearest side street; provided, however, that such golf carts must come to a complete stop when encountering a pedestrian on such sidewalks and allow such pedestrians to pass with the right-of-way.
   (D)   Golf carts may not be operated:
      (1)   On sidewalks (except as allowed in division (C)(2) above);
      (2)   On State Highway 62 (Lincoln Avenue), except to cross the said State Highway 62 at intersections regulated by an automatic traffic signal (or as directed by a law enforcement officer) in a path 90 degrees to the State Highway 62 (Lincoln Avenue); provided, however, golf carts may be operated on State Highway 62 (Lincoln Avenue) in connection with and during the course of such special events as may be from time to time determined and so designated by the Town Council;
      (3)   On streets on which the speed limit is more than 30 miles per hour;
      (4)   On any unpaved surfaces of public property; and
      (5)   On any private property without permission of the owner.
   (E)   All golf carts and the operation thereof shall be subject to all traffic rules, in addition to the requirements set forth herein, as required by Indiana Statutes governing the operation of motor vehicles.
(Ord. 2019-04, passed 7-17-2019; Ord. 2019-05, passed 10-7-2019)