(A)   Title. This subchapter shall be referred to as The Chandler Force Main Connection Ordinance.
   (B)   Definitions. For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context indicates or requires a different meaning.
      CONNECTION or TAP. A direct tie-in to a sewer line owned and operated by the Town of Chandler.
      FORCE MAIN. A sewer line, which utilizes pressure for flow rather than gravity flow.
      PERSON. Any natural legal person and/or corporation or other entity however constituted.
      PROPERTY OWNER. Any owner of real property whose property is capable of being served by the Town of Chandler's sewer system.
      SEWER SYSTEM. The entire sewer system owned and operated by the Town of Chandler.
   (C)    Regulated and prohibited acts. Connection to a force main shall be prohibited.
   (D)   Exceptions. The only exceptions to division (C) above, shall be those properties presently connected to force main; however, the property owners connected to a force main shall be required to connect to an accessible gravity flow line within 180 days of the gravity flow line being accessible to the property line of the property owner.
   (E)   Effective date. This subchapter shall be in full force and effect after its adoption and acceptance by the Chandler Town Council and its publication as required by law, which the publication is now ordered.
(Ord. 1998-17, passed 8-26-1998) Penalty, see § 51.99