§ 174.14 ROOF SIGNS.
   (A)   Permits shall be required for all roof signs. In issuing a permit, the Executive Director shall collect the prescribed fee in accordance with this chapter. All roof signs shall be constructed entirely of metal or other incombustible material. The minimum clearance between the lower edge of the sign and the roof surface of support shall be not less than 5 feet. No roof sign shall be placed so that the face of the sign shall come within 3 feet of the inner plane of the outer wall of the building on which the sign is placed. No roof sign shall exceed 100 feet in height above the mean level of the roof.
   (B)    In all cases where the extreme height of a roof sign exceeds 24 feet above the level of the roof, all sign loads and reactions shall be carried directly to masonry walls or structural columns of the building on which the sign is placed, unless the roof construction is designed to carry the weight of the sign, and the wind load of the sign in addition to other required loads. When the signs are erected on roofs which are not designed to take the sign load, the roof beams, girders, or roof construction shall not be used to resist any vertical reactions except uplift due to wind.
   (C)    No solid roof sign shall be erected of a greater height than 24 feet above the level of the roof without obtaining a permit therefor from the Board of Public Works.
   (D)   Complete structural plans and details shall be submitted for all roof signs showing the construction of the sign and of the building on which the sign is to be placed. The maximum stresses in the frame of the sign, as well as the stresses in the supporting structure, shall not exceed the safe stresses as permitted in this chapter.
   (E)    All joints and connections of roof signs over 25 feet in height above the roof level shall be made with rivets or with finished bolts driven tightly to a snug fit in well-reamed holes which shall be in perfect alignment.
(Ord. 2017-02, passed 2-20-2018; Am. Ord. 2022-06, passed 8-15-2022) Penalty, see § 175.99