Signs not complying as to height above ground level as provided in the preceding sections may be erected on marquees if the signs comply with the following provisions. Permits shall be obtained for these signs and in issuing such a permit, the Executive Director shall collect the prescribed fee in accordance with this Chapter.
   (A)   All marquee signs shall be made entirely of metal, porcelain, glass, or other hard, incombustible material, and the use of wood, wall board, cloth, or paper signs in, on, or under any marquee is prohibited.
   (B)    The wording on the marquee signs shall be confined to the following: the name of the proprietor or firm occupying the premises, the name of the building or institution, and the general business or trade carried on, such as jeweler, café, or dancing. The marquee signs may be used to designate the location of the building entrance, box office, or the program of a theater. No sign shall advertise any particular article of merchandise, nor shall the sign refer to price or reduction in price.
   (C)    The height of the signs shall be limited to the equivalent of 1/5 the length of the front of the marquee. The bottom of the signs shall not be less than 8 feet 6 inches above any sidewalk. The signs shall not extend beyond the ends of the marquee.
(Ord. 2017-02, passed 2-20-2018; Am. Ord. 2022-06, passed 8-15-2022) Penalty, see § 175.99