(A)   General authority to make inspections and investigations.
      (1)   All construction shall be subject to periodic inspections by the Executive Director irrespective of whether a building permit has been or is required to be obtained.
      (2)   The Executive Director may at any reasonable time go in, upon, around or about the premises where any structure subject to the provisions of this subchapter or to the rules of the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission is located for the purposes of inspection and investigation of such structure. The inspection and investigation may be made before and/or after construction on the project is completed for the purposes of determining whether the structure meets building standards and procedures, and ascertaining whether the construction and procedures have been accomplished in a manner consistent with this subchapter and the rules of the Fire Prevention and Building Safety Commission.
   (B)   Inspections by Fire Department. The Executive Director and the Fire Department shall work cooperatively to conduct inspections and investigations to promote compliance with fire safety laws (The Fire Department has independent authority to conduct inspections and take enforcement actions under I.C. 36-8-17).
(Ord. 2013-14, passed 8-19-2013)