Local commercial operators will at all times during the continuance of the term of the lease and any renewal or extension thereof conduct, operate and maintain for the benefit of the public, the local commercial operation provided for and described therein, and all aspects and parts and services thereof as defined and set forth, and will make all such services available to the public, and will devote its best efforts for the accomplishment of such purposes, and will at all times make charges to patrons and customers for all merchandise or materials and services furnished or rendered but will refrain from imposing or levying excessive or otherwise unreasonable charges or fees for any facilities or services. Notwithstanding anything contained in a lease that may be or appear to the contrary, it is expressly understood and agreed that the rights granted thereunder are nonexclusive and the City reserves the right to grant similar privileges to another operator or operators on other parts of the airport when, in its sole discretion, the City feels a need exists.