The City reserves the right to:
   A.   Protection of Aerial Approaches: To take any actions it considers necessary to protect the aerial approaches to the airport against obstructions, together with the right to prevent any local commercial operator from erecting, or permitting to be erected, any building, sign or other structure on the airport which, in the opinion of the authority, would limit the usefulness of the airport or constitute a hazard to aircraft.
   B.   Develop Airport Areas: To further develop or improve all areas of the airport as it sees fit, regardless of the desires or views of any local commercial operator, and without interference or hindrance from any such local commercial operators.
   C.   Inspections: To enter upon any premises leased to any lessee at any reasonable time for the purpose of making such inspections as it may deem expedient for the proper enforcement of these minimum standards and for the proper enforcement of any covenant or condition of any lessee's contract or lease agreement.