A.   Annual Appropriation Ordinance: During the first quarter of each fiscal year, an appropriation ordinance shall be enacted to appropriate such sums of money as are deemed necessary to defray all necessary expenses and liabilities of the village. The ordinance shall specify the objects and purposes for which these appropriations are made and the amount appropriated for each object or purpose. (1995 Code § 2.402)
   B.   Supplemental Appropriations: Supplemental appropriation ordinances may be enacted as provided by statute after the appropriation ordinance is passed whenever additional appropriations are necessitated by casualty, accident happening, or emergency, whenever money is made available from a new source of revenue, and at any time after the first half of each fiscal year to make transfers within any department or separate agency. (1995 Code § 2.403)
   C.   Claims: No bills, claims or expenditures of any kind or nature shall be paid and no order drawn on the village treasurer therefor, unless such bill or claims shall have been passed on and allowed by the board, specifying upon which fund the order shall be drawn. All bills, claims, expenditures, orders, and transfers from one fund to another, with the exception of trust and agency funds, shall be done only with warrants properly signed by the village president and countersigned by the village clerk stating the particular fund to which the same are chargeable. (Ord. 503, 6-20-2006, eff. 6-20-2006; amd. 2012 Code)
   D.   Trust And Agency Funds: The village clerk is authorized to sign warrants for expending monies from the payroll fund. The treasurer is authorized to sign warrants for expending monies from the water meter deposit fund and from the water collection fund. (1995 Code § 2.405)
   E.   Contracts: The president, or any other person designated by the village board, may sign, on behalf of the village, any contract authorized by the corporate authorities. No contract may be entered into without the authority vote of the board. (1995 Code § 2.406)
   F.   Purchasing Policies And Procedures:
      1.   Village Purchasing: Purchasing on behalf of the village shall be done in accordance with policies and procedures outlined in the "Village Policy And Procedure Manual" and the provisions of this subsection. (1995 Code § 2.601)
      2.   Code Of Conduct:
         a.   No officials, either elected or appointed, nor any employee of the village, shall use his status to make any purchase of goods or services for nonvillage purposes under the guise of making said purchase for village purposes and thereby obtaining a discount or preference and also causing avoidance of any retailers' taxes for which the village would otherwise be exempted as an Illinois municipal corporation. The village shall not pay for any of said purchases noted in this subsection F2a even though reimbursement is offered by said officials or employees. (1995 Code §§ 2.602, 2.603)
         b.   No officials, either elected or appointed, nor any employee of the village shall receive, personally, any discount or inducement from any village supplier or vendor offered as an incentive for village patronage. Any inducement or "free" merchandise so received shall become the property of the village. (1995 Code § 2.604)
         c.   The village board, at its discretion, may allow officials or employees to retain such items as hats, calendars, pens, etc.; except, in no event shall said items have a retail value of more than ten dollars ($10.00). (1995 Code § 2.605)
      3.   Penalty: Any officer or employee who violates any provisions of this subsection shall forfeit his/her office, be dismissed from village employment, or be fined not less than two hundred dollars ($200.00) nor more than seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00), or both of said penalties. (1995 Code § 2.606; amd. 2012 Code)