3-1-5: REVENUES:
   A.   Sources Of Revenue: The village may receive monies from taxes, payments for services and sales, fees, fines, state and federal grants or shared revenues, and other sources as the village board may from time to time prescribe, as permitted by law. (1995 Code § 2.301; amd. 2012 Code)
   B.   Tax Levy Ordinance:
      1.   A tax levy ordinance will be prepared and adopted annually to levy such taxes as authorized and needed to meet anticipated expenses and meet any outstanding bond issues.
      2.   If the total tax levies exceed five percent (5%) of previous levy, a public hearing will be held by the board after proper notice and in accord with state statutes.
      3.   A certified copy of the tax levy ordinance shall be filed by the village clerk with the county clerk not later than the second Tuesday in December. Such ordinance shall show the total appropriated by fund and the amount of the taxes levied therefor. (1995 Code § 2.302)
   C.   Monies To Treasurer: Every officer and employee of the village shall, on or before the twenty fifth day of each month, turn over all monies received by him in his official capacity to the village treasurer with a statement showing the source from which the same was received. (1995 Code § 2.303)
   D.   Insufficient Funds Fee: If any person attempts to pay any money owed the village by a personal check, and the bank, upon presentment of the check for payment does not honor that check, whether due to insufficient funds or for any other reason, that person shall owe the village, in addition to all other sums due, the sum of twenty dollars ($20.00). Said amount shall be due each time the village presents the check and the bank fails to honor the check. All payments received by the village shall first be applied to returned check fees, then to late fees, then to past due balances and then to current balances. (Ord. 507, 8-21-2006, eff. 9-1-2006)