ALLEY: A right of way affording a secondary means of vehicular access to property abutting upon a street.
BLOCK: A tract of land bounded by streets or by a combination of one or more streets, shorelines of streams, or other lines of demarcation.
BUILDING SETBACK LINE: A line of a plat within a lot or other parcel of land which denotes the area between such line and the adjacent lot line where structures are prohibited, except utility transformer vaults and those structures permitted under the provisions of the zoning ordinance.
EASEMENT: The grant of the use of a parcel of land by the owner for a specific purpose to the public, a corporation, or an individual person or persons.
LOT: A portion of a subdivision or any other parcel or tract of land, five (5) acres or less in area, intended as a building site or otherwise intended to be developed or used as a unit under separate ownership, rental, lease agreement, or other legal agreement.
LOT, CORNER: A lot having frontage on two (2) intersecting streets.
OWNER: Any person, firm, association, partnership, private corporation, public or quasi-public corporation, or combination of thereof, or any other legal entity having sufficient proprietary interest in the land sought to be subdivided or divided under the provisions of this title.
PLAT: A map, drawing, or chart which portrays a subdivider's plan for the subdivision of a parcel of land.
PLAT, FINAL: A drawing to engineering accuracy and containing those items specified by this title indicating the layout of lots, blocks, easements, and public ways in a subdivision, together with the legal documents required herein.
PLAT, PRELIMINARY: A tentative map or plan of a proposed subdivision containing the information required by this title and which is not intended to be recorded in the records of the county recorder's office.
PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT: Any street, sewer, water main, sidewalk, or any other facility proposed and/or constructed which is intended to be dedicated to the village or other governmental agency for maintenance.
STREET: The pavement structure, curbing and guttering, together with those related items normally and customarily constructed as a part of a roadway improvement designed and intended for vehicular traffic to move upon.
SUBDIVIDER: Any owner or his authorized representative who undertakes to cause a parcel or tract of land to be subdivided.
SUBDIVISION: A division of any parcel of land, whether described by lots or by metes and bounds, into two (2) or more parts, lots, tracts or parcels, for the purpose of conveyance, transfer, sale or lease of any of the parts so created or for the purposes of improvement, construction, or development thereon. (Ord. 566-2012, 3-19-2012)