It is hereby made the duty of each owner, agent, lessee or person in possession or control of any premises, which is occupied by a tenant, if said tenant is paying meter charges, to give notice in writing, or otherwise, of the vacancy of any premises controlled or in his possession within five (5) days after the time such vacancy occurs. If the tenant of the premises is paying water charges, which shall become vacant, and if the said premises shall become and remain vacant for a period of time exceeding five (5) days, the water supply to such premises may be shut off. When any water is shut off, as is provided in this section, it shall be turned on again, free of charge, upon a formal request being made that the water supply be turned on, unless the person on the premises for which request for turning on said water shall be in arrears to the village in the payment of any water charges, and in that case, no water will be supplied or turned on until such person in arrears shall pay all arrears to the village. (1995 Code § 6.107)