A.   Lien Claim: In the event the charges for services and penalties, if applicable, are not paid as defined in section 9-1-7 of this chapter, such charges shall be deemed and are hereby declared to be delinquent, and thereafter, such delinquencies shall constitute liens upon the real estate for which such service is supplied. The village treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to file sworn statements showing such delinquencies in the office of the county recorder of deeds, and the filing of such statements shall be deemed notice of the lien for payment of the service rendered.
   B.   Disconnection Of Service; Reconnection Fee: In the event the charges for such service become delinquent as defined in this section, the village treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to cause notification to be given in writing to the user of the service that such delinquency exists and services shall be disconnected without further notice. Upon the disconnecting of any service, a charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be made for reconnecting the same after settlement of the current as well as delinquent account, including any late penalties and/or returned check fee(s) that have accrued. (Ord. 612-2016, 3-21-2016, eff. 5-1-2016)