A.   Permit To Connect: Upon written application, the Director of Public Works will decide whether to permit water to be supplied to a new structure or location not currently being supplied by the Village water system.
   B.   Connection To System: Upon permission, the Village Water Department will tap the water main and will furnish a service line and appurtenances up to the applicant's property line. The Village will furnish only the following: corporation cock, water meter, meter tile, lid, yoke, curb box and a type K copper or any other material approved by the current edition of the Illinois State Plumbing Code, as amended, supply pipe not exceeding sixty feet (60') in length from the water main to the meter. (Ord. 2014-600, 9-15-2014)
   C.   Connection Charges: The charge for making the new connection by the Village shall be all costs, including, but not limited to, parts, materials, and labor plus two hundred dollars ($200.00). An applicant may, at the applicant's own expense, use a private licensed plumber for purposes of making the new connection, but any connection is subject to inspection and approval of the Director of Public Works prior to the connection being authorized. The inspection by the Director of Public Works shall be charged to the applicant at a rate of two hundred dollars ($200.00). An applicant using a private licensed plumber shall provide evidence that said licensed plumber is bonded and insured. "Labor" costs, for purposes of this section, shall be the prevailing wage as determined by the Illinois Department of Labor for Piatt County. (Ord. 643-2018, 11-19-2018)