In the event any of the provisions of this chapter are violated, the Village shall have the authority to seek any one or any combination of the following remedies:
   A.   Injunctive relief.
   B.   A fine for each violation in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00).
   C.   Authority to have any tree removed which is in violation, with the cost of said removal as a lien against the abutting property and judgment against the party responsible for the violation.
The foregoing remedies shall be available to the Village following a determination by the Director of Public Works that this chapter has been violated, and a ten (10) day notice to abate has been served upon the owner of the adjacent property and/or violator, personally or by certified mail addressed to the owner or resident at the abutting property, and/or violator's address with a copy by first class mail. Notwithstanding any notice requirements or any other rights or requirements provided by law, the Village shall be entitled to removal of any violating trees as is deemed appropriate by the Director of Public Works. (Ord. 642-2018, 9-28-2018)