A.   General: Newly planted trees, shrubs and other plants require special maintenance for one or two (2) growing seasons following planting. All maintenance practices shall follow approved arboricultural standards.
   B.   Watering: Ample soil moisture shall be maintained following planting. A thorough watering once in five (5) to ten (10) days, depending on soil type and drainage provisions, is usually adequate during the growing season. A soil auger can be used to check the adequacy of moisture in the soil ball and/or backfill.
   C.   Fertilization: Adequate quantities of the essential nutrient elements should be available after new root growth starts. However, provision of good drainage and adequate moisture of the backfill, or the soil ball on balled plants, is more important than fertilization immediately following planting.
   D.   Insect And Disease Control: Frequent and thorough inspections shall be made to determine which measures for the control of insects and diseases shall be taken. Plants are in a weakened condition following transplanting and they are more susceptible to insects, especially borers, and disease than are vigorously growing trees. Where it is necessary to spray, insecticides or fungicides shall be used that are labeled for the purpose intended. (Ord. 642-2018, 9-28-2018)
   E.   Pruning: Pruning newly planted trees shall be in compliance with accepted arboricultural standards (e.g., ANSI, ISA, etc.). (Ord. 649-2019, 7-15-2019)