A.   All trees must be true to species, variety, and/or cultivar, and each plant must be labeled when delivered.
   B.   All trees must have normal trunks, leaders, tops, and branches typical of the species, variety, or cultivar, and exhibit evidence of proper nursery pruning practices.
   C.   All trees must be certified free of insect pests and diseases by the Department of Agriculture, Division of Entomology, State of Illinois.
   D.   All trees must be free of mechanical injuries and not show evidence of recent or previous wounds on the trunk.
   E.   All trees must be nursery grown and must have received proper fertilizing, watering, top and root pruning as is normally needed for that particular kind of tree. Plants must have been grown in nursery conditions for the past two (2) years under soil and climate conditions similar to that of the Village.
   F.   All plants must be balled-and-burlapped. The twine used to tie the burlap must not be plastic. The balls should be of firm earth from the original soil in which the tree grew in the nursery. No trees with broken, loose, or manufactured balls are acceptable.
   G.   Plants on the list of approved medium to large trees must have trunks at least one and one-half inch (11/2") in diameter measured six inches (6") above the ground and a soil ball of at least twenty four inches (24") in diameter. Plants on the list of small trees must be at least one inch (1") in diameter measured six inches (6") above the ground and have a soil ball of at least eighteen inches (18") in diameter. (Ord. 642-2018, 9-28-2018)