A.   Species and cultivars that exceed a trunk diameter of fifteen inches (15") at breast height within forty (40) years are not to be planted where the boulevard is less than five feet (5') wide.
   B.   Trees must be planted at least ten feet (10') from driveways and alleys, ten feet (10') from fire hydrants, ten feet (10') from utility poles, thirty five feet (35') from intersections, thirty five feet (35') from traffic signals, and five feet (5') from a property line.
   C.   Trees planted under utility lines must be of species and cultivars whose height at maturity will not interfere with the lines.
   D.   Trees planted along existing Village streets are to be spaced at thirty feet (30') to forty feet (40') intervals for medium to large tree species and twenty feet (20') to thirty five feet (35') for small tree species.
   E.   There should be adequate space allowed for a sidewalk when trees are planted along unpaved streets or along streets without curbing.
   F.   When sufficient space is not available for a public right-of- way as a result of street widening or buried utilities, trees may be planted on private property not more than ten feet (10') from the public right-of-way if the property owner gives permission by signing a memorandum of understanding with the Village. This chapter provides that it is the responsibility of the property owner to provide for all maintenance, including pruning, watering, and removal, during the existence of such trees. (Ord. 642-2018, 9-28-2018)
   G.   Trees may be planted by the Village along publicly-owned sidewalks that go through subdivisions, not following streets, when the Department of Public Works deems the planting beneficial to the community as a whole. The trees may be planted either on public right-of-ways or on private property subject to the provisions of subsection F of this section. (Ord. 642-2018, 9-28-2018; amd. Ord. 649-2019, 7-15-2019)