A.   Required: Sanitary sewers shall be installed in all new subdivisions when the village sewer system is within a reasonable distance (to be determined by village board). (1995 Code § 5.410)
   B.   Building Sewers: The building sewer shall be ABS (solid wall), SDR 23.5, ASTM specification D2751 with solvent cement joints conforming to ASTM D2235 or PVC (solid wall), SDR 35, ASTM specification D3034 with solvent cement joints conforming to ASTM D2564, with a minimum size of four inches (4") in diameter. (1995 Code § 5.410; amd. 2012 Code)
   C.   Lateral Sewers: Sanitary sewer pipe eight inches (8") to fifteen inches (15") in diameter shall be acrylonitrile- butadiene-styrene (ABS) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe. Both will be of composite construction of thermoplastic wall truss manufacture with an ASTM specification D2680. Sewer pipe over fifteen inches (15") in diameter shall be of material approved by the village engineer or director of public works. Alternate materials shall conform to specifications approved by the village board, and copies of the same shall be on file with the village clerk. Four inch (4") or six inch (6") house service stubs shall be installed as required to provide sewer service to every lot in the subdivision wherever house sewers cannot subsequently be installed without tunneling under or crossing the street pavement. House services shall extend to the street or lot line and shall have a depth of not less than seven feet (7') at the terminus, wherever possible. Lateral sewers, wherever possible, shall have a minimum depth of eight feet (8') below the established street grade. All sewers should be backfilled with sand or other materials specifically approved by the village engineer. (1995 Code § 5.410)