A.   All new subdivisions shall be served by the village water system except subdivisions located more than one-half (1/2) mile from the village limits and fire hydrants with auxiliary valves.
   B.   Pipe for water mains shall be in accordance with the latest revision to the "Standard Specifications For Watermain Construction For The City Of Decatur, Illinois", which is hereby adopted by reference. All polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe shall conform to AWWA-C-900, pressure class 150, standard dimension ration (SDR) 18, laying condition type I. All fittings, joints and couplings shall meet AWWA specifications for appropriate type pipe. All ductile iron pipe shall be designed in accordance with ANSI A21.50 and have a standard pipe coating outside and lined with thin cement lining and seal coated inside in accordance with ANSI A.21.4 - latest revision (AWWA C-104 - latest revision). A blue no. 12 THHN tracer wire shall be laid with all PVC pipe. The main tracer shall be continuous throughout.
   C.   All water mains shall be adequately valved to the satisfaction of the director of public works. Gate valves shall be AWWA specifications, three hundred (300) pound hydrostatic test, iron body, bronze mounted, double disc gate valves, right hand (open clockwise) approved by director of public works. (1995 Code § 5.409)