All streets constructed or reconstructed shall meet the standards of subsection A or B of this section:
   A.   Local residential streets:
      1.   Pavement type: Rigid.
      2.   Subbase: None.
      3.   Base: Two inches (2") of sand or light gravel as required by the village.
      4.   Pavement: Six inches (6") nonreinforced portland cement concrete pavement.
      5.   Required pavement width: Twenty eight feet (28').
   B.   Flexible pavement:
      1.   Subbase: None.
      2.   Base: Five inches (5") BAM (MS 1500).
      3.   Pavement: Two inches (2") class I (MS 1700).
      4.   Required pavement width: Twenty eight feet (28').
   C.   Each street shall be graded, drained, constructed and surfaced in accordance with subsections A and B of this section. (1995 Code § 5.402)