A.   Fines: The following fines shall be levied for the violations listed below:
1. Violation of 1 hour parking zone
2. Violation of no parking zone
3. Blocking driveway or sidewalk
4. Double parking on any street
5. Blocking alley
6. Violation of posted signs on any street
7. Parking on posted snow removal route
8. Parking improperly on any street
9. Parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant
(1995 Code § 8.210)
   B.   Violation Tickets: The village is authorized to have its police chief or any other police officer issue tickets for the violation of any provision listed in subsection A of this section. In addition to the violations listed in subsection A of this section, any other violation regarding streets in the village, as defined in this code, shall be listed on the ticket as "other", and the fine therefor shall be five dollars ($5.00), unless another amount is set forth therein. (1995 Code § 8.210; amd. 2012 Code)
   C.   Payment Of Fine: The fines for these violations may be paid by enclosing the amount of fine in a citation envelope, which envelope shall be placed on the windshield or other conspicuous place on the vehicle by the officer writing the violation ticket, and by placing first class postage on the reverse side of the envelope, and by depositing same in any U.S. mailbox, and this information shall be printed on the said citation envelope.
   D.   Failure To Pay Fine: In the event the fines set out in this section are not paid within seventy two (72) hours after issuance of the violation ticket, said fines shall automatically be doubled, and the village is authorized to issue an enforcement warrant to be served on the person or persons who are the owner or owners of said vehicle, and the cost of serving same is arbitrarily determined to be five dollars ($5.00) which shall be "court costs". In the event the vehicle is in the name of more than one person, it is specifically provided that only one person need be served. (1995 Code § 8.210)